advanced, restricted group -- can't add a new datastream

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
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I am able to upload a file but when I click on "Add New Datastream to rutgers-lib:1844", it does not add the newly uploaded file.



Title:advanced, restricted group -- can't add a new datastream» advanced, restricted group -- can't add/change datastream

I am unable to change a datastream also.


Title:advanced, restricted group -- can't add/change datastream» advanced, restricted group -- can't add a new datastream

Remember that there are two forms - the outside one to put in the function (such as add a new datastream) and the form inside the iframe which actually does the adding. Clicking the bottom button simply reloads the addds or other function.


Same may be true here as for add ds.


I've made some changes to the interface to make it more clear which form is used to add the actual changes. The outside form now has a submit button only when a PID has not already been selected. Once it has, there is only an onChange select with a clearer label and the onl;u submit buttons (now gray like the ones on the index page) are in the iFrame. James Hartstein gave me some good advice on making the interface more clear.


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Status:test» fixed

I am able to add a new datastream now.


Status:fixed» closed

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