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Category:feature request

I can only add a new relationship. How do I change a relationship?



Status:active» by design

The relationship class has always had only two methods by design - for adding and purging relationships. To change a relationship, you have to purge the old one and add the one you want. You could always edit the RELS-EXT datastream and change the value, but then you would have to edit and change the value in the other object as well.


Version:7.6» 7.7
Category:bug report» feature request
Status:by design» active

I've changed this to a feature request. This issue asks to change the design of Manage Relationships to allow the user to change a relationships by automating the process described earlier in these comments. As this is a code change, just requested, I am moving it to the next release.


OK. I'll start thinking about that.


I've added this feature on rep-devel.


Assigned to:triggs» ananthan
Status:active» test

This is part of the enhanced relationship management page for 7.7 on rep-test.


Status:test» fixed

I am able to change relationship easily now.


Status:fixed» closed

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