"Free text option not specified" is added to CV terms

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Controlled Vocabulary Module
Category:bug report

I added a new CV term to Genre and saved it. It added "Free text option not specified" to the CV terms. This happens to all CV elements.



Status:active» test

Test. -YY


Status:test» active

Now I can't delete an existing term. I tried in Genre and Language. After adding terms, I can't delete them.


Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan
Status:active» test

Test again. -YY


Assigned to:ananthan» yuyang
Status:test» active

I'm able to add/delete terms to existing term sources. but not able to save new terms to new term source. The list shows "No term found".

In the WMS metadata entry form, clicking on the newly added term source produced "The requested URL /openwms/test/dwms/catutil/_ was not found on this server" the very first time. Subsequent clicking doesn't produce this message but opens up an empty picklist.


Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan
Status:active» test

This is a missed bug from previous release. Test again. -YY


Status:test» fixed

Works as expected!


Status:fixed» closed

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