List of object on production typeOfResource Text with no PDF datastream

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Component:Job - production
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Attached is a list of objects on the production system that are mods:typeOfResource = "text" with no PDF datastream. Some might be intended; like EAD's and analytics, but most only have DJVU datastreams. File: no-pdf-all-others.xlsx

Another list, also attached, are NJEDL related resources has been sent to the NJEDL staff. File: no-pdf-njedl.xlsx



What remains on the no-pdf-all-others list, annotated with my notes in new attachment: no-pdf-all-others_refRJM

Four resources have no digital file, and will require additional (off-line) investigation and resolution. I'll begin doing that. One of them is from the Chronicle collection, and three are from the Motion Picture Catalogs collection.

Six resources have both ARCH and DJVU files, which seem to be intact.
One resource has DJVU file only.
Five resources have ARCH files (tif) only.

One resource has ARCH and DJVU files, but the ARCH files are incomplete -- pages are missing. Only the DJVU file is complete for this resource.
One has ARCH files but they appear to be (each) duplicated, so that there are eight .tif files for four pages. Perhaps mis-labeled master and dmaster?


Assigned to:rmarker» triggs

Resources missing digital files: not still available in WMS -- they have been purged. Will have to be re-created, or ...?

Need to create PDF from DJVU or ARCH files for the rest.


Would you like me to create PDFs from the TIFFS and/or DjVu files for these?


Component:Job - production server» Job - production
Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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