Google Scholar citation wonky and appears twice

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Author names are displaying incorrectly in Google Scholar citation.

They should be: LB Mullen, KA Hartman (correct in multiple record display of all LBM articles)

They are displaying as: LBH Mullen, A Karen (in the individual display of this article)

See attached.

Article is "Google Scholar and the Library Web Site: The Early Response by ARL Libraries. If you search Google scholar for 'laura bowering mullen' you will get both the multiple record display (correct), then go into the 8 versions and find the RUcore versions at the bottom. For some reason there are two RUcore versions as well.



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There is a meta tag, citation_author. Google Scholar *might* use for this information. The XSLT used to generate it was poorly conceived and an artifact of the past. I re-wrote it and tested it and implemented on the test and production systems. The citation_author meta tag now handles multiple author much better, before is was concatenating them together.

There really is now test expect waiting for a Google SCholar re-index which is sporadic. I will leave this open and check back on that record at a alter time and see if this change had a positive effect.


Version:7.6» 7-x

I just checked Google Scholar and the citation entry on there side hasn;t changed. I will check back again later. I am moving this out of a specific version since the fix was implemented through a configuration chage.


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I checked the Google Scholar display today and the citation in question looks updated now. Please check/test. Providing a link; not sure if it will work or not. You may have to perform a GS search.

Google Scholar and the Library Web Site: The Early Response by ARL Libraries
LB Mullen, KA Hartman - 2006 -
Description With the introduction of Google Scholar in November 2004, research libraries
faced the decision of whether to integrate this “blended” resource into their collections and
services via their library Web sites. The authors are members of a Web Advisory ...


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