Save and Continue generates error message

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

I input all the descriptive metadata. Before moving to Rights metadata (since it had been a while), I hit 'save and continue.' The form disappeared and the attached error message came up ("Metadata Input Error!!! Error handling web input").

Now the form has gone away, and apparently the metadata has disappeared, as it won't let me save ("Main title in the descriptive metadata must be entered").

I was in this record for a long time and am wondering if this is a time out issue.

A week ago, something similar happened, where all the metadata I had input was lost (but I got no error message). In that case too I had been in the record for a long time. In that instance, I had also cleared my cache in the middle of inputting, so I thought that may have been a factor.



A similar thing happened to me a week ago. I was working with a student in the WMS, and when he tried to Save and Exit, the whole record was lost -- we had been working on descriptive metadata for about 45 minutes. I wonder if any settings have been changed recently?


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This is something that I don't know what to do. Clearing cache in the middle of entering metadata in Jane's message apparently is something you don't want to do, but others in Jane and Rhonda's messages seem to suggest long pause between actions in WMS. I am not sure how session is set by Dave on production. If people really think we should allow much longer session life time, please give a few suggestions, like 1 hour, 2 hour? We apparently cannot allow session lives for too long, as it may cause security concerns. But you are catalogers. If you really think pausing between actions for a long time is usually what catalogers do, then we can try to convince Dave to bend his rule a little. -YY

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