Libraries Annex Space Tracker (LAST)

The Libraries Annex needed a way to keep track of all open spaces that are created by weeding projects or expansions. In the past, staff would keep records of available space in Word, Excel and Access, but none of these programs allowed for easy retrieval of needed information. Being a storage facility, the Libraries Annex does not shelve items according to the Library of Congress classification scheme. Instead, materials of similar height are housed together on appropriately sized shelves to maximize the use of the available shelf space. Materials on each shelf are numbered consecutively, giving a fixed order and a unique "address" to every item stored in the Annex. This unique address is called an Annex Code.

Libraries Annex Shelf Space Project (LAST) is a web-based program that allows for quick retrieval of available space and easy input of new space into a mySQL database. It began with a basic design of asking for the dimensions (height, width and depth) of an item, and based on the dimensions given the program finds the best location for the book to be shelved that would maximize space. Once a location is found the Annex Code is generated for the staff member to then use. Another feature is a mechanism in that allows for the easy addition of space to accommodate the future removal of items from the Annex and for expansion of the Annex itself. A search function that allows the Annex to search for a specific annex location, as well as to search by height and width of available space, this allows the Annex to use large swaths of space at one time. Adding/editing shelf definitions, tracking usage and compiling statistics based on available space and shelf types are other features. Finally, a Help section was included that allows the staff at the Annex to create and maintain their own support and training documentation online.



Project Presentation after completion

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation given at a Systems lunch after the project was complete.

Project Proposal, implmentation plan and schedule

Please see attached document.

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