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Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Category:feature request

Create an index for mods:role. It should be tokenized. The name of the index should be something like "namerole".
Top level element is mods:name (any attribute)
Subelement is mods:role (any attribute)

Please set this up in the text system so that we can try it out for custom search portals (also in test) to make sure that the index does what we need it to do. We will confirm that it works in test before asking to have it also set up in staging and production. The initial application for this new index will be browse lists of "interviewee" and "interviewer" roles.



Status:active» test

I've set up the new field on devel/test, so that fields like the following will now be indexed and searchable for testing:
<field name="modsnamerole_txt">chair</field>
<field name="modsnamerole_txt">internal member</field>
<field name="modsnamerole_txt">outside member</field>
<field name="modsnamerole_txt">degree grantor</field>
<field name="modsnamerole_txt">school</field>


I am not sure this is going to help much. All this does is allow for a search for a role value and not the name the role is applied to.

The index needs to be built using the person's name and the index field needs to be unique to the type of role.

Something like:

<field name="interviewee">Doe,Jane A.</field>

This is similar to the author index that was created for SOAR.


I created a version like the author_st except tokenized that produces fields like this:
<field name="interviewee_txt">Pizzarelli, Bucky, Dittamo, Fred, Fitzgerald, Andy, Krivin, Martin, Dailey, Joe, Sellitti, Joseph</field>
<field name="interviewer_txt">Frega, John, Fr.</field>


Status:test» active

If multiple values appear we need them broken up into separate entries in the index. The goal is to build a browse list using facet values. This is the same as the author facet index.


Rhonda had asked for tokenized fields, but we can make these same fields string fields instead so that they can work as facets.


Assigned to:triggs» rmarker

Better ask Rhonda. I was basing my input on a conversation I had with Marty. They might end up needing both a tokenized and non-tokenized.


Assigned to:rmarker» martyb
Status:active» test

Marty, try to set up the kind of browse list you need, which led to this request. It would be a list of "interviewer" and "interviewees". There are 10 records in the Marker Test Collection with names that have these roles. One person is the interviewer in 5 records, another person is the interviewer in 3 records. There are 10 separate interviewees (including at least two of the interviewers). This should be a good test collection for you.


Version:7-x» 7.6
Assigned to:martyb» triggs
Status:test» active

Jeffery, I assigned this back to you because I'm not sure if you've finished setting up both tokenized and non-tokenized fields as we discussed with Rhonda.


Assigned to:triggs» rmarker
Status:active» test

We now have these fields ready to use once a couple of these collections are reindexed:
<field name="interviewee_st">Glanz, Harry</field>
<field name="interviewer_st">Rosskam, Edwin, Roosevelt Oral History Committee</field>


I've reindexed Roosevelt and the Multi-Ethnic Oral History collections on rep-test, so that there should be about 96 examples of interviewee_st to test.


Assigned to:rmarker» chadmills
Status:test» active

Chad -- I think you said you now have to modify the Search Portal Tool to add the terms in the "data source" menu for adding term groups.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb
Status:active» test

Ready to test. I noticed that empty entries for interviewee appear to be indexed as well. If you find this to be the case then it needs to be kicked back to Jeffery.


Assigned to:martyb» triggs
Status:test» active

Two problems have shown up in testing the Browse List in the portal, which seem to result from the indexing:

1) The browse list displays an empty entry for Interviewee (Interviewer hasn't been tested yet because it's not available yet in the Portal Search Tool Browse List Term Group configuration screen).

2) If there are multiple interviewees in a record, they display as one link on the same line in the Browse List rather than on separate lines as individual links. For example, on the test system in the Borough of Roosevelt Historical Collection, the record with title "Roosevelt Oral History Committee Interview with Morris and Augusta Chasan" has both Morris Chasan and Augusta Chasan as interviewees. In the Browse List, they display as one link:

Chasan, Morris, Chasan, Augusta

rather than on two lines as separate links:

Chasan, Augusta
Chasan, Morris

There could also possibly be multiple interviewers in one record.


I'll look into these issues this afternoon.


Assigned to:triggs» martyb
Status:active» test

I think this should be fixed. There should be no more empty elements and the fields should now look like this:
<field name="interviewee_txt">Chasan, Morris</field>
<field name="interviewee_txt">Chasan, Augusta</field>
<field name="interviewer_txt">Roosevelt Oral History Committee</field>
<field name="interviewee_st">Chasan, Morris</field>
<field name="interviewee_st">Chasan, Augusta</field>
<field name="interviewer_st">Roosevelt Oral History Committee</field>

I've reindexed the Roosevelt, Multi-ethnic, and Market Test collections for testing.


Assigned to:martyb» triggs
Status:test» active

I'm still seeing a blank entry. In addition to the Roosevelt and Multi-ethnic collections, my portal also includes the Marker Rhonda Collection and the Marker Test Collection. Might the blank entry disappear if those Marker collections are re-indexed?


Assigned to:triggs» martyb
Status:active» test

Hmmm. I didn't know about the Marker Rhonda Collection. Perhaps the blank ones were in that collection which was not reindexed. I just reindexed it. Maybe you could look again now.


Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing» RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Code» Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

That did it. The blank entry is gone. Thanks!

I'm reassigning this to Partner Portal/Chad so Interviewer can be added to the Browse List term group data source menu.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb
Status:active» test

I added interviewer_st as well.


Assigned to:martyb» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

Interviewer and Interviewee are now accessible via Browse Lists in a search portal (Jazz Oral History) on the test system.


Status:fixed» closed

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