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These were originally presented to CISC and requested as enhancements #7 and #8 on the 20-page list of enhancements that went to CISC in late 2013. We were asked to investigate whether the Academic Analytics application would do this for us. The answer fairly quickly found to be "no," but by the time we found that out, it was too late to include in R7.4 and R7.5 SOAR enhancements.

This is a major incentive to policy compliance, and so a high priority for the OA Policy Implementation Working Group.

1. Create a reporting mechanism to enable deans to request bibliographies of their schools’ deposits
2. Create a reporting mechanism to track deposits chronologically and by academic unit

Key to building participation is the idea that deans can promote the work of their schools, and demonstrate to University Administration their schools’ scholarly contributions. The second enhancement will enable the Libraries and the University to document measurable outcomes of promoting the Open Access policy and the institutional repository. Measurable outcomes are very important to this University administration and particularly to the Libraries under the new Responsibility Center Management (RCM).

Initially this could be a downloadable, printable report showing school, department, faculty, and no. of deposits, maybe title of each deposit, but also raw numbers: For school A, 5 depts. with these numbers of faculty and these numbers of deposits. Initially, report deposits only; impact statistics could be added later. Jane and Laura will be talking to administrators about what they need, but we need to move forward with something, even something very simple, like report by date and academic unit.

Jane and Laura can work on specs.



I would like to speak with you about this when you have a moment.


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Changing project.


Revised request:

Provide reporting functionality to produce bibliographies by academic unit, and to allow tracking of deposits chronologically and by unit.

From a SOAR landing page (link name and location TBD), offer a collection tree structure of academic units, like the one on the 'Search & Browse' page, with checkboxes at all levels.

Once the user checks the box(es), the system will generate an onscreen html report. Each entry will be in the form of a citation, following the format in the Dynamic Bibliography Link for SOAR' specification (<a href="" title=""></a>).

From the report display screen, provide 3 buttons: [Print] [Download as spreadsheet] [download as pdf]. The spreadsheet should include the following columns:
author (from collection of author listed in the unit)
full citation
date of deposit

The 'download as pdf' would look like the html, with a heading at the top of the page.

We would like to have this in place by September 1. Detailed specs to be provided by Otto and Mullen.


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Moving to discovery layer project.


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I am withdrawing this feature request and marking it closed. There are a lot of tools out there that could do this far better and more easily through interoperability with the repository, so it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel within Fedora. Insofar as this feature might be based on the collection structure, that would be problematic as well. With more experience we're running up against significant problems with the collection structure, some of which are out of our hands due to the dependence on LDAP database data. The collection structure is also a problem in that it is difficult to associate an author with multiple department/school collections. It would be hard to provide clean data, particularly without some sort of authority control or identifier system in place for authors.

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