Aggregated statistics display under My Account has cryptic display

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In the aggregated stats under My Account, I click 'show detail'
From within that display I click 'Summary detail'
This results in a very cryptic display; this has been reported before; I'm not sure why it's there; it is very unhelpful to users. For example in my own account, within a single record I get this:

Total objects 6
0 searches
6 unique downloads

Then there is Manuscript (6)' and 'Content_model_Unknown' with some colored squares apparently keyed to something, not sure what

In another example (see 2nd attachment), we get

Total objects 12
11,146 searches
12 uni1que downloads. Did 12 people download 2251 times?????

These things come up in demos and are very difficult to explain.

This was marked fixed and closed in 2013 but the problem persists. See <a href="" title=""></a>



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12 uni1que downloads. - 12 unique (different) objects have been downloaded. This is meaningless. I am going to remove it.

Content_model_Unknown should be removed if there is nothing in it.


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Ready for 7.6 test.


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Looks OK to me. Assigning to Jane for final testing.


Not sure what was fixed. For example:

Top line: 3 downloads
Next line: 0 searches (how is that possible if there are 3 downloads?)
Total objects 22 (what is an object? I see 22 downloads, 3 downloads, 3 titles. What is the 22 counting? Yes, there is 1 book and 21 documents listed, but there are only 3 titles there. How does this make sense to a user?)
Click "show detail. " Again, what makes sense about this? Why by file type, when there is one file type, and why would I care about stats by file type? The display on the left (PDF-1) cuts off so you can't read it.
Summary detail and other detail (that can be shown or hidden) is confusing. Why "Summary Detail" and "Close" yet "hide detail" and "Show detail"? Need to use consistent terminology throughout, but in any case, there is NOTHING about these displays that is clear. I would remove it if this is the best we can do. The individual statistics are beautiful; can we not just replicate those in an aggregated fashion for the depositor's full collection here?

I think this is beyond fixing. How about (in My Account) recreating the individual article statistics graphics, openable from any individual title displayed in My Account, and add at the top a summary which aggregates (with pie chart and tabular options, but defaulting to pie chart) the stats from the entire author collection? See attached comparison of the My Account aggregated display and the article stats display.


Hi Jane,

Jie and I looked at the stats. Your comments are well taken. Because of the timing of your last set of comments with respect to this release we have a proposal.

1) We remove the Summary Detail entirely. It is confusing and while we could explain to you what the number mean, the point is in a display like this we shouldn't have to. It should be obvious.
2) We remove the individual details for each resource. The display isn't working right and doesn't give the fulsome information of the public display. So we think let's not show it for now. Since most of your resources only have one file the only thing the user will miss is the breakdown by country.
3) For the next release, 7.7, let's get together and figure out the best way to integrate the more sophisticated needs of the faculty with the screen displays in the public interface.

Thanks and let us know what you think.


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I spoke with Jane. For 7.6 please do the following.

1) Remove the Summary Detail, but keep the total number of downloads over the data range.
2) Remove the individual resource "show detail" links.
3) Initially start the statistics from the beginning of time. I guess it was Jan. 1, 2010. You know best.
4) Remove the label "TITLE:" in front of every resources title. Just start outputting the title.



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Please test.


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