Changing date in aggregated stats display returns inappropriate error message

Project:RUcore Statistics
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

I pulled up my statistics (Jan. 1, 2015 to date). I noticed one of my articles wasn't on the list, so I tried to change the start date to 2012, in order for that article to appear (thinking maybe no one had downloaded it this year; stats on the individual record show 54 downloads since Sept. 2, 2014). I typed in 2012 and got a screen that just says

"You don't have any collection in our system, please visit it later."



Assigned to:chadmills» jgeng


Laura just reported that on her phone, she went to My Account collection statistics and got this message:
"You have not submitted any works, or your submitted works are in progress and there are no usage statistics available. If you believe this is an error, please contact the RUcore staff" [no link or any indication of how to do that].

She of course has many submitted works.


Also I've now checked and 2 articles of mine are not showing up on my aggregated stats. They happen to be co-authored works, one with Laura Mullen ("Open Access policymaking") and one with Sarah Ralston (Disseminating equine research). Those are my only co-authored works, and the only ones notshowing up.

I'm also wondering (but cannot test) if the aggregated My Account stats will give me stats for *every version* of Open Access Policymaking. There are 3 versions.


This error is critical because Rutgers faculty use these statistics for promotion/tenure.


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I think the error message "You don't have any collection in our system, please visit it later." is fixed.

The stats is not based on *every version*, it only reports every object.

Ready for 7.6 test.


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Status:test» fixed

This was not assigned to me to test (it was assigned to Jei; I think she forgot to change the assignee) but the error message no longer appears


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