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Create a library of forms, linked from the SOAR home page left-hand navigation bar ("Waivers & Forms"). The link would go to a landing page listing each type of form, with a short explanation of its purpose/use. The library would include the following forms, to be supplied (along with the blurb) by Laura Mullen and Jane Otto:

1. Author addendum
2. Publisher waiver
3. Co-author courtesy letter
4. Opt-out form

#1-3 would be downloadable printable PDFs and the landing page would include a "Print form" button for each

#4 would be an online form to be completed by the depositor, directing the University to opt him/her out of the policy for a particular article. This listing on the landing page might include a button "Click here to opt out for an article." The form would include several fields (some required), for name, academic unit, article citation elements (title, author, date, etc.), and reason for the opt-out (possibly a pulldown with free text input option). After completing the form, the depositor should receive notification on the screen confirming the opt-out has been granted, and including a unique opt-out identifier. Ideally, allow the depositor to print the completed form, including identifier and timestamp. The system should archive every form.

System administrators will need to produce reports enabling analysis of opt outs by department, opt-out date, and to include reason for the opt out. Depositors will not receive any email notification at any point. It may be necessary to discuss whether a depositor designee can opt out for an author; preferably this would not be possible.

We would like the article citation metadata on this form to map to the WMS, enabling ingest of that metadata into the repository, in order to give a fuller picture of University scholarship, even where the content is not made available. We have Agnew email approval of this policy (2/4/15), which has been previously implemented for ROA; we believe ingest will require a digital file and the content of this file would be included in specs. If necessary, this mapping could possibly be implemented in a second phase, but ideally it would be in place by September 1, 2015, the day the OA policy goes into effect.

Specs to be written by Jane Otto and Laura Mullen.



I would like to speak with you about this when you have a moment.


Remove requirement in final paragraph about mapping "Opt out form" metadata into WMS. We will not be doing this. The form library, with Author addendum, Publisher waiver, Co-author courtesy letter, and Opt-out form, must be in place by September 1.


Specifications attached


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I think this is a drupal specific feature. What do you think Yuhwei?


Attached is revised spec, as discussed. Laura and I will both be out of the office for a conference, followed by vacation, beginning next week, through June 9. I expect to be checking email through May 29, so feel free to send any questions. Thank you!


The Waiver for Publisher form has a fixed length box for the article title and journal title. These can be lengthy, especially article titles. The space to fill in the article title and journal title must be flexible and able to accommodate a long title. Examples:
National CT Colonography Trial (ACRIN 6664): Comparison of Three Full-Laxative Bowel Preparations in More Than 2500 Average-Risk Patients
Genetic and Pharmacological Intervention of the p75NTR Pathway Alters Morphological and Behavioural Recovery
Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice


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The Waiver for Publisher pdf has been edited with larger text entry boxes to accommodate long article and journal titles.


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Would it be possible to put some text in the box to indicate what should go there? When the author clicks on it, the text would be written over or go away. But it's not evident what "for ________" and "in ________" should contain.

"for" [article title]
"in" [journal title]

The boxes are nice and big. Thanks!

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