Dynamic Bibliography is displaying ETDs which are not in the RU Faculty Collection

Project:SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) Website
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

The dynamic bibliography should only include SOAR deposits, i.e. those in the RU Faculty Collection. The search query should run a search of all works in the author's personal collection within the Rutgers University Faculty Collection.

Currently, the dynamic bibliographies for Daniel B. Fishman (<a href="http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Daniel_B_Fishman/" title="http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Daniel_B_Fishman/">http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Daniel_B_Fishman/</a>) and Andrew Norris (<a href="http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Andrew_Norris/" title="http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Andrew_Norris/">http://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/bib/Andrew_Norris/</a>) are displaying ETDs of students for whom they were committee members, and these ETDs are listed on their bibliographies under the heading "Uncategorized." See attached. The ETDs should go away in the dynamic bibliography.

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Assigned to:chadmills» yuhwei


In the bibliography code the value is being queried against a pretty open field called "mods:name". Please change that to "author".

In my code this is set in the configuration.php file, line 12.

$aCfg['rucore-feed-uri-query'] = "key=" . $aCfg['portal-key'] . "|q1field=mods%3Aname|numresults=100|orderby=newest|q1=";

should be

$aCfg['rucore-feed-uri-query'] = "key=" . $aCfg['portal-key'] . "|q1field=author|numresults=100|orderby=newest|q1=";


This will provide much more targeted query, eliminating all instance of the name unless the name has been @type = 'Author'


Status:active» test

Change made to the code on dev7-oa.libraries.rutgers.edu and soar.libraries.rutgers.edu.


Status:test» closed

Fixed; thank you for the speedy work!

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