Select Items - Selecting multiple items at once duplicated the citation entry

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

When viewing a set of search results if the "select all items" option is used the citation entry will be repeated across multiple resources.

This duplication is viewable from the select items page as well as the "Cite" and "Email" features.



I found the issue and the fix. I can implement the test and mark it ready for testing if you want to push this as a "dot fix". Let me know


Status:active» test

Can be tested.

To test when viewing a listings of search results use the "Select all items" link. Once added view the list by clicking the "Selected Items" link on the top of the page. Each item should ahve a unique citation entry below the title.

This same information is used for the "Cite" and "Email" features.


Version:7.6» 7.5.1
Priority:normal» critical


Status:test» closed

Fixed and rolled out in staging and production.

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