Duplicate names with duplicate listings in SOAR Browse by author

Project:SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) Website
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

The name 'Anderson, Katie Elson' appears twice in the Browse by Author list. This is not a case of variant forms of name; the form of name seems to be identical. Under each name there appear to be the same 9 entries.



Assigned to:yuhwei» chadmills

This looks to be an issue with the data returned from RUCore.

Chad: In the XML returned by "https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/form/?key=soar", Katie Elson Anderson is returned twice, is there anyway to remove the duplication from RUCore? The SOAR site is just outputting what its receiving from that API call.


Yeap looking into it now.

Solr is reporting 8 instances of "Anderson, Katie Elson" and 1 instance of "Anderson, Katie Elson".

There must be an extra space in the metadata or something else throwing this off.


Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto


Please check and edit rutgers-lib:44721 (World Wide Web Resources)

Looking in the raw XML for the MODS two spaces appear in the mods:namePart type="given" value between 'Katie' and 'Elson'

The tricky thing with HTML is that is there are two regular spaces they appear as a single space on screen, web browsers ignore the second regular space. Looking at the raw XML shows two space.



Assigned to:jjotto» chadmills

Okay, I did that. Will it just fix itself in a few hours then?


Assigned to:chadmills» yuhwei

I checked the data source that SOAR is using and the metadata edit has corrected the data source.

<a href="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/facets/?key=soar" title="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/facets/?key=soar">https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/facets/?key=soar</a>

The site might be using a cache that needs updating for the change to appear.


Status:active» fixed

There is only one Anderson, Katie Elson in the list now.


Status:fixed» closed

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