Can't delete NISO_JAV genre metadata

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

Once I've chosen a NISO_JAV genre metadata value, I cannot delete it. I can only change it to another term. The Remove button does not work.



Version:7.5» 7.6


Status:active» test

7.6 test. You can delete NISO JAV genre term only if you are creating a new record, selecting this term by mistake and changed your mind, AND the record has not been saved. Please note that if you are editing a record with NISO JAV genre term that was set previously, you cannot delete this term. This is because NISO JAV term is a version indicator. A saved record with NISO JAV term means this record is part of potentially many versions of the same work, WMS cannot figure out why people want to delete the version indicator, and what need to be done to clean up the other versions of the same work. -YY


Status:test» active

We have to be able to delete the term altogether.

If the depositor has selected the wrong genre (e.g., selected Articles, when it was really a Conference paper or lecture), even if I correct the genre in RULIB-FS, I cannot get rid of the NISO_JAV term. I have to ingest the resource, then go into dlr/EDIT and remove the section of metadata in the raw XML.

Please trust me that we need to be able to Remove the NISO_JAV term, and to know when it is appropriate to do so.


Status:active» test

This is what I am saying. If the NISO JAV genre term is selected by mistake, you will be able to delete it before saving (you cannot do this in 7.5). This is not tied to RULIB-FS genre term. However, if the NISO JAV genre term was first entered by, for example, RUFD, and you want to edit the record, then you will not be able to delete NISO JAV genre term. If you want the capability to do so for the latter, we need to make it clear to everyone (especially to me) that what does it mean by deleting NISO JAV term. I stress it again here - our specs (and WMS) use NISO JAV as the indicator for version, unless we change the specs. -YY


Just to put your mind at ease, here's a common scenario: the depositor selected a genre, Conference Paper or Lecture. That prompted the Scholar Deposit form to require a NISO_JAV version. However, the selection of the genre was incorrect. The genre really was Other Presentation or Lecture, which does not have a version. The value is already in the WMS when the cataloger/reviewer is making corrections. The cataloger/reviewer needs to remove the NISO_JAV term altogether. Thanks!


Assigned to:yuyang» rmarker


Assigned to:rmarker» yuyang
Status:test» active

Still not able to remove a NISO_JAV term altogether after I change the rulib_fs to a genre (category) that should not have a version. E.g., Article, Refereed or Article, Non-refereed was selected by the depositing author but the item actually is a book chapter. NISO_JAV does not apply to book chapters.


Assigned to:yuyang» rmarker
Status:active» postponed

The removal of NISO_JAV term is only possible if you are creating a record (NOT SAVED YET, doesn't apply to editing RUFD submitted work or any other edit job).
We have discussed this matter in sw_arch meeting on May 7. We need an overall solution for version management in RUFD and WMS. Let's move this issue to 7.7. -YY

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