Incorrect status displayed in the list of resources when depositing a version of work that is already in RUcore

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

I deposited an article but did not ingest (the article was still in WMS).

Then I tried to deposit another article (selected "Yes" to indicate that there is another version available in RUcore), a list of resources that are already in RUcore or in WMS is displayed.

The status of the article should be "In process" if the work is not ingested and is in WMS.
The status of the article should be "In RUcore" if the work is ingested and is in RUcore.

We need to write clear specifications for this type of activity (if it is not in Jane's versioning specs).



Assigned to:ananthan» jgeng

Rhonda suggested that we split the display into two categories: Items in RUcore and Items in processing. Please work with Yang to create these lists.

If we split the list then I don't think we need to add Status column. I'll talk to Rhonda and USAWG and update this entry.


I would prefer to see this as a single list so the author can see all deposits at a glance. This would include the status column. Default sort should be order of deposit in descending chronological order. Ideally the titles would be hyperlinked (if in RUcore), and the list would be sortable by any column. The latter would not be possible with a split list.


Assigned to:jgeng» yuyang

Yang, Please update the status to the right one.


Category:specification» bug report


Status:active» postponed

I can't reproduce the issue, maybe I am not looking at the correct popup? I looked at "Submitted Works" popup, and also version popup. Please show me how to reproduce the issue then reopen the bug. -YY

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