Unable to play swf?

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Component:User Interface - Service Agent
Category:bug report


You and I need to look at these objects. I thought Krista was uploading swf files for 202780 but when I checked in dlr/EDIT, it has GIF files. They are not displaying correctly in RUcore. 202779 has a DJVU link and when I hover over it, it shows me a .swf file. Perhaps, the policy configuration is not correct.

<a href="http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:202780" title="http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:202780">http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:20...</a>
<a href="http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:202779" title="http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:202779">http://rep-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/showfed.php?pid=rutgers-lib:20...</a>



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I looked at both of these. While the GIF datastream ID was used these look to be SWF files. I am not sure how they got added as GIF datastream ID's and not SWF.

The one with a DJVU datastream, that file is also a SWF file. I think she might have been having trouble with the file upload section in WMS.



I just ingested an audio with two swf files as presentation files. IN RUcore, I see a link labeled "Read online". When I clicked on it, I get a blank screen. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I haven't heard from Krista but I wanted to test this functionality quickly.

Please take a look.
<a href="https://rucore-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/rutgers-lib/202787" title="https://rucore-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/rutgers-lib/202787">https://rucore-test.libraries.rutgers.edu/rutgers-lib/202787</a>


Status:active» test

Please test again. I was able to replicate the problem in Firefox and IE 10, but not Chrome. The HTTP referer value passed by IE and Firefox isn't as explicit as the Chrome HTTP referer and that was causing the problem. I changed the expression so this should now work.


Status:test» fixed

It works fine now. I'm changing the status to fixed. If Krista reports any issues, we will report as new bugs.


Status:fixed» closed

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