Subject - geographic searching is broken in some portals

Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Category:bug report

In some portals -- such as the CWGL Poster Collection portal -- a previously undocumented change to the subject-geographic index has broken the subject-geographic search.

When I choose any country in the Browse By Country list, I get a result set of 0 ("zero").

When I use the Search tab and enter a country name (e.g., Canada) and select "Subject" from the pull-down, I get a result of 0 ("zero").

(1) Explain the change that was made in the SOLR index.
(2) List all the search portals that might have used the construction that the CWGL Poster Collection search portal used for subject-geographic. (Marty Barnett might need to help with this one)
(3) Propose a remedy for going forward. This might take the form of a specification.



In earlier versions mods:subject was loosely captured as the Solr "topic" field.
As of 7.4 it was tightened and became:
so that "topic" was limited to "mods:subject/mods:topic".

I don't know how many portals besides the CWGL Poster Collection have depended on unspecified subelements of mods:subject. I will need help from someone like Marty who is familiar with the portal configurations.

I am not sure what we should do going forward. We could roll back to the earlier topic by switching around the xpath calls shown above. We could create a new restricted field, say, subjecttopic_txt, that could be used by whoever desired the more restrictive topic at the time of 7.4. We could also use the set of more restrictive mods:subject fields (mods:subject/mods:topic goes to the Solr "topic" field, the mods:subject/mods:geographic goes to Solr "modsgeographic", and the mods:subject/mods:name goes to Solr "modsname". Al of these are gathered in the newer Solr field "topic_txt".) I'm personally inclined (at least this afternoon) to roll back (a single line code change) and create a new, restrictive, dynamic field for the portal (I think it was Roman Coins) that asked for it.


Did we ever decide what to do about this? The index is still getting the more granular fields as I described in my previous comment. As I remember we didn't want to roll back at the time. Is it still an issue with some portals?


Status:active» closed

I was able to re-create the Browse by Country list in the CWGL Poster Collection portal by searching the term in "Country" (Subject-Geographic).

In the future, all changes to how a field is defined in Solr -- including requests for a new field -- must be clearly documented in If they are more than technical fixes, they should be discussed in MDWG and possibly also in sw-arch working group. The change described here was not a technical fix, and would fall under that category.

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