Create a Coversheet - sends a file to the client

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

When using the Create a Coversheet feature this morning a file is being sent to my browser; getfedorarest.php after the coversheet is created. This is new behavior and unexpected.



This is actually an unexpected change in the behavior of getfedorarest.php. I'll check it out.


It's not getfedorarest. It's just that the PDF is question doesn't have a mimetype. Getfedorarest works as usual on the earlier version that does have its mime. I'll experiment some more. It could have been a side effect from some of Yang's code that was changing yesterday.


Status:active» test

All the test were done on objects having more than one version of pdf-1, but this one has only one version of pdf-1, which is why the bug was not caught before. Test. -YY


I ran it just now on an object with only one PDF-1 and it worked, though it did not create a REF-1 from the PDF-1 for the object. Is this what we expect to happen?


Status:test» fixed

I am able to create and view the coversheet in dlr/EDIT. I tested with two versions of PDFs, and it worked as expected.

I also tested by adding a REF-1 (no PDFs). I got a message indicating the presentation PDF is missing. Yang explained that there must a presentation file (PDF) available in order to recreate the coversheet.


Status:fixed» closed

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