Create a coversheet - record navigation missing

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:feature request

When using the create a coversheet feature the user is sent to a page with no navigation back to the resource or the dlr/EDIT application.



Status:active» by design

This is by design. The target preview window is the one traditionally used for one-way end-point pages like this (the reindex and view solr xml pages are similar in this respect). The resource is still there in the subject window.


Status:by design» active

When clicking the link it doesn't open it in a new window though. It opens it in the same window. It's confusing.


That depends on where you click the link. If it's done from the search results page it opens in a new window. If you've already opened that window with the full object access link, then it overwrites the page you are on. I might have these endpoint links open in a pop-up I suppose.


I choose the "Edit Fedora Object" and put in my pid. It opens a new window, or refreshes the window already opened. I then choose the coversheet open and it leaves me at a deadend navigation wise.


Status:active» test

There are a number of functions that are endpoint files - export object, view audit trail, the solr things, and now this. There is also the View Object Record. I'm going to send all these to a target called "endwin" (as opposed to "linkwin") which can be disposed of by the user without losing navigable windows.


Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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