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Using the change datastream and providing an altID, original filename, the value isn't stored in the foxml correctly.

The value needs to be provided with the namespace "fname" following the original specification.

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This begs the question, of course, as foxml says and knows nothing about any fname: convention we may use, and so not forcing that connot be desribed as a matter of correctness. Nevertheless, I added it in, though not in the web form. If the user types a simple filename in an altIDs field, it now gets "fname:" prefixed before the Fedora REST call. If the user begins the filename with "fname:", it goes in like that.


You could always redesign the form and add a element for the filename and prefix it and append it to any other alt_id value provided.


That's more or less what I'm doing. I'm just calling the form field altIDs rather than filename. My users (the Roman Coins people especially) use this and are accustomed to prefixing the name with "fname:", though others aren't interested in preserving filenames and so leave the field empty.


I am one of your users too. The label next to the input field does say "altID for Datastream? (e.g., Original Filename)" without giving the indication you need to add "fname:"


OK. I changed that to: altID for Datastream? (e.g., fname:myfile.pdf) which should encourage good behavior.


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