Coversheet feature not working when there is a REF-1 but no PDF-1

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When there is no PDF-1 datastream but there is a REF-1 datastream the Coversheet feature report "Object or selected datastream could not be found". I was expecting a PDF-1 to be created WITH a coversheet and stored as a PDF-1.



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I don't think it tries to deal with objects with a REF-1 and no PDF-1, but again this is something in Yang's code. I only call the class and echo and error messages it generates.


Can you give an example (Fedora PID) of this? Thanks.


Sure. rutgers-lib:202620

Has a REF-1 but no PDF-1. COversheet feature fails.

I also don't think yuhwei has anything to do with this and the bug needs to be reassigned.


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This was assigned to Yuhwei by accident.


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I just spoke to Yang, and it looks like the coversheet feature requires a PDF file. If there is no PDF, it gives an error message instead of using the REF-1 to create a PDF with a coversheet. It is very confusing. I've entered a task for Jeffery to outline the procedure for two conditions: 1) PDF needs to be replaced 2) Cover sheet needs to be recreated.

Should we have a discussion about this and make enhancements to this feature in R7.6?



Version:7.5» 7.6

Yes let's delay this to 7.6 after a fulsome discussion.


Version:7.6» 7.7
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This did not make it in this release but the problem still exists. We need to have a discussion about this at the next sw_arch meeting so that we can address this issue. Moving to R7.7 for now.


I'm not sure this should go to me. The not found behavior is part of Yang's CsheetBuilder.php function.


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Test. -YY


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Test using the following. Works as expected.


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