Allow Reviewer to indicate whether an ETD gets sent to ProQuest

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Category:feature request

Whether or not an ETD is exported to ProQuest is tightly coupled with the paperwork/payments handled by the respective graduate schools. This means that the Graduate School Reviewer must be more involved with the process and indicate which ETDs get sent.

To solve this problem, a check box will be added to the reviewer's View Submission Detail screen. The reviewer can check this box if the ETD should be sent to proquest. This will also decouple the export to proquest from the current workflow. This will allow for embargoed ETDs to be sent to ProQuest for personal publishing purposes, and will prevent the export of ETDs that should never go to ProQuest. If an ETD is a dissertation, the box will be checked by default, but the reviewer retains full control of what gets sent and what does not.



Status:active» fixed

This is fixed with one caveat: Checking the "Send to Proquest" box by default is more complicated. There's many different degree types which require dissertations, and those degree types are configurable. Determining whether a paper is an Thesis or Dissertation is not simple at the moment. his would require more additional programming than is in scope for this release.


Status:fixed» closed

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