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I was looking at some record statistics for the VMC and I realized something that might or might no cause some confusion. In the report we use the heading "Downloads" for the number of times the datastream has been accessed. I think that term "Downloads" may be deceiving and undesirable in some cases since we stream the video content and it isn't downloaded in the purest sense of the word. Also, in the case of the VMC the video files aren't meant to be downloaded, only streamed, and this might create some unnecessary concern by those who take the term "downloaded" literally.

I suggest changing "Downloaded" to "Accessed." THis would be a broad change across all portals.



Good point! I'll confer w/ USAWG and others. -- Rhonda


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From USAWG minutes, November 13, 2014:
After discussion of other term options and examination of various RUcore record views, USAWG agreed that we should retain the term "Downloads" for the statistics label. Even though not all resources are downloaded (technically speaking, video and audio are streamed and not downloaded), this loose use of the term is not likely to confuse or alarm users.

It's fine the way it is. Thanks for mentioning it -- we had a very good discussion.


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