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Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Component:Account Application
Category:feature request

Following the dynamic bibliography specification add a link to the users dashboard that directs them to their bibliography page.

<a href="" title=""></a>



Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto
Status:active» test

I have added the link to the dynamic bibliography as specified. Currently for testing the links are set up to point to the development SOAR site.


Assigned to:jjotto» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

A link to my Bibliography appears on my dashboard when I login to my account. Clicking on it dynamically creates a list of all my work.


Assigned to:ananthan» chadmills
Status:fixed» active

A couple of quick changes. This is not exactly to spec (specifically 1.b. in the spec), but maybe it improves the spec, so rather than conforming it to spec, we're just going to ask for minor wording changes that we think clarify how the link works. Here are the changes:

1. Change the heading from 'Your Bibliography Link' to 'My Bibliography Link' for consistency (request from OA Working Group)

2. Change the text under the heading to this:

Your custom Bibliography Link is a shareable link to your personal collection of articles in SOAR. Right click on ‘My Bibliography Link’ above to copy the link, then put it on your website, under your signature in emails, wherever you'd like. A reader clicking your link will be taken to list of all your SOAR publications.

3. On the bibliography page itself, change the comma to a semi-colon on the text 'Your story matters, share your story.'

Note I cannot test to make sure the 'My Bibliography Link' does not display to those without collections. I will have to do some more testing to make sure the sort is correct (hard to tell quickly with test records), but if time runs out, I will assume it's working and close the bug.

Note we love the beautiful display, and especially the clean simplicity of the Adobe icon (to get directly to content) with file size directly below. Kudos to all! We love this and the faculty member who asked for it will be extremely pleased.


Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto
Status:active» test


Status:test» fixed



Status:fixed» closed

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