Author search not working in SOAR

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

In the basic search box (SOAR home page) or advanced search box, select author in the pulldown.

Search otto and nothing comes up.
Search mullen and nothing comes up.

Both are retrieved in full record search.



Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing» RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Version:7.5» 7.5
Component:User interface» Searching - Service Agent
Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto
Status:active» test

The issue that option in the menu points to a non-tokenized search field,a facet, in the Solr. To get a hit you would need to precisely supply the value as it is found in the Solr index field. With that said this pretty much makes the search option useless.

To correct this I offer up the following. We use a different "name" field in the Solr index that is tokenized so free form test search like "Laura Mullen" will return results.

I have already done this on the live SOAR site. Let me know what you think of the results.

Like everything there is a downside. That downside is that if you use the Browse by Author to submit a query and then choose "Edit My Search" the value will target the default pulldown selection since the facet:author field option was replaced with the tokenized name field. So in the case "Full record" is selected in the menu. I think this is something that you can live with, since if you then perform a search as it stands in the Advanced Search form you will get the same results back since "Full record" includes both of the tokenized and non-tokenized name values.

Let me know if you want to sit down and go over this. Schools and Departments is the same problem.


Version:7.5» 7-x


Status:test» fixed

I spoke with Jane and explained what I outlined in my previous comment in person. She concurred the change I made works as expected and the same should be done for the School and Departments option.

I have completed this on production and also on the dev/test system.

I am going to mark this fixed in case you want to test it more thoroughly.


Status:fixed» closed

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