A few MODS elements are not populating with batch import

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Batch Import
Category:bug report

Subject name and name authority are imported correctly but type is not. Use the attached spreadsheet for testing.



Title:Subject Name - Name Type is not populating with batch import» A few MODS elements are not populating with batch import

1) The Subject Name - Name Type is not populating. (Subject Name - Subject Name and Subject Name - Name Authority are populating, though.)

2) The Personal Name - Role Role and Personal Name - Role Type are not populating.

3) Origin Info - Info Place - Place Term and Origin Info - Info Place - Term Type are creating 2 separate Info Place entries.

4) Batch import does not populate the interpunct and en dash characters correctly. The en dash was converted to a Π and the interpunct led to a variety of unusual character replacements.


Version:7-x» 7.7


Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan
Status:active» test

Partially fixed. Test anyway. If more issues are found, this will need more dedicated time to find better solution. -YY


Status:test» fixed

My quick testing indicates, majority of the mapping issues are resolved. I couldn't verify the fix for item #4. Marking it as fixed as we don't have any project team members participating in testing, plus I haven't heard any issues recently. If they report any problems, we'll revisit.


Status:fixed» closed

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