Some author names do not display in SOAR

Project:SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) Website
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

If the mods:name role term source ("authority") is marcrelator, the author name does not appear in the SOAR metadata record. The name appears only if authority="marcrt".



Assigned to:Anonymous» martyb

Kalaivani spoke with Rhonda about this and it was decided to add a check for "marcrelator" in the XSL Construct in the partner portal. The check for "marcrt" had been used because that was the value in the records that were entered in the test system.


Status:active» test

The XSL Construct code now checks for both "marcrelator" and "marcrt" and has been tested in the test system and the production system. On the production system, the following record has authors with both values and all authors are displayed.
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"The promise of academic libraries: turning outward to transform campus communities (2014)"
Nancy Kranich, Gene Springs, Megan Lotts


Status:test» closed

Authors are displayed correctly.

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