Retroactively update content models to reflect the new list

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Job - test
Status:Moved to JIRA

The content model list has been updated in the WMS, and we need to retroactively change objects in dlr/EDIT. The Fedora Web Developer and the Repository Collection Manager will prepare a plan and schedule this conversion, in consultation with the Software Architecture Working Group.



Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT» RUcore Jobs & Reports
Version:7.5» <none>
Component:Code» Job - test server

Moving to Jobs and Reports


Component:Job - test server» Job - test

Is this still valid? It is almost two years old and marked critical.


I don't think we ever got the go ahead for this (with the acceptable metadata). I don't think it was really critical. No one really uses the cmodel objects (though I was planning to for validation as part of validate object, but that was put on hold).


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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