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Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Component:Account Application
Category:feature request

Add ability for users to register to a community.



This feature has been added. Here is how it works.

If you have not logged in and you go under the Community Login->What is a community you will be presented with a link to join a community

<a href="" title=""></a>

This link will offer a form with some required fields. Once submitted an email will be sent to the RUcore support email address for vetting. The user may or may not already have an RUcore account; so some investigation will need to be performed by the RUcore support team.

If you have logged in under the Communities heading a link to join a communities, or more communities, will be offered. This will take the user to the same form, except we will not ask for the users name, email and if they have an account.

Once these requests are sent the RUcore staff will need to respond to the requester after having decided if they should add them to a community; which might require creating a local account or if they are a Rutgers user asking them to login to the SSO system if they have not.


Assigned to:chadmills» rmarker

This feature is directed at the VMC and upcoming ROA communities so i am asking Rhonda administrate the testing of this feature.


Status:active» test

Emails for request currently go to the <a href=""></a> address.


Assigned to:rmarker» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

I was able to find the link to create a community account (based on the instructions in this issue), supplied the requested information, and submitted my request.

As "RUcore staff", I received an email (along with KA) notifying me of the request.


Status:fixed» closed

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