Return number of hits in browse facet catgories.

Project:RUcore API's
Component:Search API
Category:feature request

Request from Jane Otto:

For both the hierarchical school/dept. search and the 'Browse by School / Department' search, indicate the number of items in each collection. This will be especially helpful in those cases where there are resources in a department collection, but not in the parent school collection. We still want the school collection to display in that case, but it must be clear there's nothing in that collection. See attached example from DASH.



Component:Get API» Search API
Status:active» test

For the hierarchical case this has been enabled for the SOAR portal. For the flat browse list this has been added and needs to be tested by viewing an implementation that taps into this feature;


Status:test» fixed

I checked the API methods facet() and form() and they are both returning the number of hits. Whether those are being used in SOAR is another story and probably beyond the scope of this issue since the information is being supplied by the RUcore API methods.


Status:fixed» closed

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