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In expandable hierarchical collection displays (indicated by "Click here to see the collection list"), indicate the number of items in each collection. In SOAR, this will be especially helpful in those cases where there are resources in a department collection, but not in the parent school collection. We still want the school collection to display in that case, but it must be clear there's nothing in that collection. See attached example from DASH.

In SOAR, this would apply to both the hierarchical school/dept. search and the 'Browse by School/Department' search.



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For the hierarchical list the number of resources is currently returned, just not displayed. I am not sure if you want to display this number in the hierarchical list before also being able to display the same number in the Browse by School and Departments list.

If you don't mind one list showing while one doesn't let me know and I will see if we can't at least get the number to show on the hierarchical list soon.


Assigned to:jjotto» chadmills

Please go ahead and put in the hierarchical list when you can. The flat browse list can wait for another release.


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For the flat browse list the number of hits is being returned from the API as a attribute called "hits". This will need to be implemented on the SOAR development site for complete testing.


Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto
Status:test» active

Do you still want this?


I have conferred with Laura and we have checked other repository examples. We do NOT want the number to display in the alphabetical browse lists (neither author nor school/dept.). We ONLY want results to display in the hierarchical browse, the expandable collection tree. Thank you for asking!


Status:active» test

OK thanks. This will only be viewable in the collection hierarchy list then. Ready when 7.5 testing begins.


Assigned to:jjotto» chadmills
Status:test» active

This does not appear to be working in Chrome or IE. The number of hits shows up only for two collections:

GSE-Education Psychology Collection
SC&I-Deans Office Collection

Also, the number is not accurate. The number of hits is listed as (1) but when the checkbox for that unit is selected, there are 0 results.

I am at home and unable to check Firefox. I can try that Thursday.


Okay, Laura tested in Firefox and I tested in Chrome. The number of hits displays with the author collection. If possible, we would like the number to display ALSO for department and school collections. If this is difficult or impossible, don't worry about it.

There still remains the problem (Comment #8) that the number of hits listed with departments is not accurate. The number of hits is listed as (1) but when the checkbox for that unit is selected, there are 0 results.


Assigned to:chadmills» jjotto
Status:active» test

I won't be able to display the number of hits in the department and school collections; that would require summing the totals to include all the children, and the children's children etc. The data isn't setup to support this.

For #8 that is tricky as well. The reason nothing is returned is because we exclude collection objects on a search by default. There is truly one item, but its a collection object, which is being excluded in the results. To remove the number "(1)" from the display is tricky also because I can't easily distinguish between collections with sub-collections or collections.

I have made an attempt and it is ready for testing on the SOAR dev/test site.


I looked at three faculty collections and the number of resources match the number displayed in the collection hierarchy. Browse by department/school does not display number of resources. Waiting for Jane to sign off on this.


Status:test» fixed

Bingo! Fixed.


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