Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

In Descriptive Metadata the field that reads Location, when you fill in these categories it will not accept the data. When you try to continue on to Source Metadata you are not able to due to the fact that the Physical Location is required but empty. I believe this is a bug.

Nancy DeNicola



Component:Code» Metadata
Status:active» by design

If the system asks you for value in physical location, that means you have entered some value for location type or location term source, but didn't enter anything for location itself. If system allows this, you will have metadata with location type or location term source entries without location, which doesn't make sense, or useless. New dwms has this kind of error checking built in for all element groups. However, if you mean something totally different, please clarify with me. -YY


Status:by design» fixed


I don't quite understand the reply. Like Nancy, I was creating a new record, and entered some value for location type and also for location term source, and then tried, but failed, to enter information in the physical location field. Then I pushed the SAVE button, and the following message appeared: "Physical Location in [Physical Location] under Location is required but currently is not selected". I clicked on the Source MD button, and got the same message. If this is the way the system should operate, then should we consider this bug as 'closed', instead of just 'fixed'?


Component:Metadata» Create/Edit Digital Objects
Status:fixed» closed

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