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Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:feature request

Refer to implementation specs written by Ron. This functionality is available in WMS; ideally the code could be used in dlr/EDIT.



This is the task that was entered in April 2014 regarding cover sheets.

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Priority:normal» critical

High priority per CISC 8/13/2014. Not release-related, but critical for the Open Access implementation plan.


It's ready to be delivered to Dave today.


Status:active» duplicate

More detailed explanation:
This is not the software.libraries issue that is related to creating a cover sheet for legacy objects. That issue is not release-related, and is in this job-task: <a href="" title=""></a>

The code change (for an RUcore software release) is to generate a new cover sheet *for objects that have them* under these conditions:
1. When a replacement PDF is uploaded (datastream replaced), generate a new cover sheet using the metadata in the MODS at that time
2. When the MODS metadata is edited in dlr/EDIT, generate a new cover sheet


Status:duplicate» active


Status:active» test

The coversheet function script is a new option in dlr/EDIT on devel.


Assigned to:triggs» rmarker


Status:test» closed

The feature has been implemented in this release. I'm closing this entry. If any bugs are uncovered, they should be entered as new bugs.

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