Request to allow searching for Equine Science Center Collection data from RUresearch Data Portal

Project:RUcore Website
Component:User interface
Status:Moved to JIRA

Received request from Jane Otto 6/25:
"Ralston Horse Behavior Research is a highlighted RUresearch collection, but it doesn't seem to be indexed in the main RUresearch Data portal (using the search box and searching 'ralston' or 'equine,' for example)."

We discussed briefly in SW_Arch on 6/26 - and we agreed to add this as a task to Software.Libraries. It may or may not be a simple fix, but needs to be investigated.
My response to Jane:
"Thanks for posting this question to the Rucore_Research list. I brought up this question at this morning's Software Architecture meeting, and we reviewed the fact that the ESC collection was created before and separately from the Research Data Collection in RUcore. There needs to be a review of how best to provide for an integration with the RUresearch Data collection. I will be adding this as a task to address on the RUcore Software Libraries development management system, and we will take it from there. I'm sure you will be consulted regarding any metadata consistencies that will need to be resolved to make this work, and whether it's possible to actually bring the ESC content into the RUresearch Data collection without breaking the existing web site."

Not sure who to assign to?



Assigned to:Anonymous» jjotto

I think Grace replied to Jane privately, and Jane also talked to me about it after sending this email. I already explained to her what needs to be done. She needs to make necessary metadata changes and then we can add the collection to RUresearch.


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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