Align images to IIIF API specification

Project:RUcore API's
Component:IIIF API

Draft for now, but here is a URL.



Version:7-x» 8.1

When implementing deep image zooming provide a shim/endpoint that follows this schema/spec.

Something like this as the base for the image server access...

v1.1 -
v2.0 -


Status:active» test

Added v2.0 image capability. Will consider is v1.0 is necessary in the future. Also look into the presentation and other API methods the IIIF supports.


Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search» RUcore API's
Version:8.1» 8.1
Component:User Interface - Service Agent» IIIF API

Moving to API project; IIIF component.


Validated the 8.1 IIIF Image API implementation using level 1. Report attached.

Working on the presentation manifest validation next.


Status:test» fixed

Validated against IIIF presentation API manifest. Found a bug with the IIIF validator in the process; but all checks out.

Reference to issue:!topic/iiif-discuss/rjs8xzrjSBc


Status:fixed» closed

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