update fedora live table to set collection id to "rucore00000002073"

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Job - production server

After Jeffery moved 1404 objects form collection njedl to collection "rucore00000002073" , fedoralive table need to be updated as well. Scripts will be provided on the release date.



Status:active» test

A script is ready for production only


Assigned to:jgeng» rjantz

Ron, please test this on production server. If it is fixed, please close this issue.



Assigned to:rjantz» dhoover

Hi Dave,

I have the script ready to run on production stats database to test if this bug is fixed.

the script is on test server under my home directory

/home/jgeng/script_for_dave/check objects collection in fedoralive table for 7.4.txt

Please run it and report with the results.



Project:RUcore Statistics» RUcore Jobs & Reports
Version:7.4» <none>
Component:Miscellaneous» Job - production server


Assigned to:dhoover» jgeng
Status:test» active

Sorry, I should of responded sooner.

What I say about all reports holds true to this one.

Please package this as a script that will run and capture any necessary
output into a file. It should not rely on me redirecting to a file.

Please place it in /mellon/cvsroot the delivery point for all scripts.

Please do not use blank spaces in files names.


Assigned to:jgeng» dhoover

Please find script job2551.sql in /mellon/cvsroot/. The result should be all with collection id rucore00000002073.



Assigned to:dhoover» jgeng

While not a script that captures its own output as requested, at
least it was in /mellon/cvsroot and the filename had no spaces.

I ran the following to capture the output.

/usr/bin/mysql -u root -p stats_prod < job2551.sql > job2551.txt

Attached is the output.



We hear you. We'll work on that for the next time. Because there is always a next time....



Status:active» closed



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