change Date of Journal to (YYYY)

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:feature request

Under the box under Title of Journal, change the example for Date of Journal to (YYYY). (Standard citation styles call for year only, and only a YYYY format will correctly map to Descriptive Event.)



See R7.4 and R7.5 Versioning Specification dated May 21, 2014 (Section 3).


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Changed, please test in July.


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This has been changed, however I have two questions about this:

1. Do we need to have "Date" (see issue <a href="" title=""></a>) as well as "Date of journal"? "Date" is required for all submissions. They are both YYYY

2. If we have a separate "Date of journal", I think we want the entry box to be re-sized to the same size as Volume number, Issue number, and Start page number. Jane, do you agree? Of course, this question is moot if we decide to eliminate the "Date of journal" line.


Yes, we need both dates. If a person is depositing unpublished Author's Original, Submitted Manuscript for Review (or even Accepted Manuscript), s/he cannot provide a Date of Journal, because the journal may not have accepted the paper, or it has been accepted but the author doesn't yet know the publication date.

We want the Date of journal (if there is one) because it goes into the citation, as the publication date of the journal article.

We cannot require date of journal because many (most) deposits will not have a journal date.

We want to require a date of some kind.

Also, sometimes (as with a couple of my deposits), "Date" (often date created) and Publication date (of journal) will not be the same.

The spec calls for mapping 'Date' to Creation Date in the WMS. The AP will call for this date to be changed to "inferred" (based on publication date, if there is one), but that will be open for discussion in MDWG when the AP is ready for review. There are other options for manually adjusting this date.


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Thanks for the feedback. I know how important it is to have the form as easy to follow as possible.

The only remaining action is to re-size the Date of journal box to match the box for volume, issue, and pagination.


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That was easy one. Test please.


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Fixed. Thank you.


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