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Project:RUcore API's
Component:Search API
Category:bug report

If you go here: <a href="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/search/index.php?key=FACULTY&amp;browse" title="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/search/index.php?key=FACULTY&amp;browse">https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/search/index.php?key=FACULTY&amp;browse</a> and scroll down to 'SEBS - Marine & Coastal Sciences, it appears as 'SEBS - Marine &amp; Coastal Sciences Collection'.

It's odd that this is happening because other & characters display fine.

There also appears to be an issue ' if you scroll down to 'School of Law - Newark, Dean&#039;s Office Collection'

It's effecting 5 collection names right now.



Project:RUcore Website» RUcore API's
Version:8.x» 7.4
Component:User interface» Search API
Assigned to:Anonymous» chadmills

Looks like some double conversion is happening on the Search API end. In the example stated the following is returned from the search API form method.

"SEBS - Marine &amp;amp;amp; Coastal Sciences Collection"

<a href="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/form/?key=FACULTY" title="https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/form/?key=FACULTY">https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/api/search/form/?key=FACULTY</a>


Status:active» fixed

The fix is to edit the collection ma stored in the dlr.collections database. It was double encoded in the database, causing the issue.


Status:fixed» closed

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