RBHS department collection for Adjunct Professor Dennis Carmody

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Job - production server

I am manually changing the empty collection name in the WMS database to match his department name and the department collection ID based on the naming convention that is used by the WMS to create them automatically.
We may need to do some clean up when all RBHS departments are loaded into WMS and the code handles them properly.

System ID: 70997, Item title: Adolescent risk-taking as a function of prenatal cocaine exposure and biological sex, author: Dennis Carmody, collection name: Carmody Dennis Collection



1) I edited the empty collection and added the following MD to make it the department collection for Prof. Carmody:

Collection name: SN-Capacity Building Systems Collection
Collection ID: rucore2ZD011900001

Related item for this collection has correct MD:
Related Item:
Item Type: host
Item Title: Rutgers University Faculty Collection
Item Identifier: rucore90000000021
Identifier Type: local

2) The Faculty collection for prof. Carmody did not have related item title and ID MD; I added the following:
Related Item:

Item Title: SN-Capacity Building Systems Collection
Item Identifier: rucore2ZD011900001


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