rucore scholar/browse lists do not work on any repository server

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

When going to
no listing is displayed.

rep-prod cron is setup to run this
05 23 * * 3 /home/httpd/html/dlr/EDIT/
15 23 * * 3 /home/httpd/html/dlr/EDIT/
45 23 * * 3 /home/httpd/html/rucore/scholar/browse/

The first two produce the proper sitemaps in rutgers-lib/sitemaps
but the third one does not produce the .inc files in scholar/browse

The same behavior is exhibited on rep-staging and rep-devel when running
the third command (although I am not sure that cron is used to run it
on those machines)

Please provide proper run steps and directory/file permissions need to run
this properly.



Priority:normal» critical
Assigned to:Anonymous» triggs

I have disabled the link on production until this is resolved.


It's not reading the sitemaps and producing no output. I suspect it may have something to do with https. I'm testing now.


Status:active» test

This turned out to be a good bug with a one character fix - "http" "https". I ran it just now on devel and it produced a set of working .inc files with the date 2014-04-08 10:16. To test, run the cron line and check that good, newer .inc files have been created. To stage on staging and prod, just copy /mellon/cvsroot/ to the rucore/scholar/browse directory as


Assigned to:triggs» dhoover


Status:test» closed

rep-staging was not a good testing ground as nothing was extracted to the sitemap-scholar.xml file

moved fix to rep-prod, ran manually and the files were generated

The link to the browse list can be reinstated.


Links are active again.

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