Align FD form with SOAR

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:feature request

The OA implementation group recommends that the FD form page must be aligned with the SOAR website. In R7.4, we will just replace the RUcore Logo with the SOAR logo/SOAR text. The SOAR logo is being finalized and will be provided when approved.

Due to time constraints, we will propose redesigning the entire page later.



Assigned to:jjotto» jgeng


Assigned to:jgeng» ananthan

Can you provide SOAR logo/SOAR text?


Status:active» closed

see Jane otto's email on June 20th:

After some discussion, we have decided not to brand the Faculty Deposit form with the SOAR logo/text. We will continue with the RUcore branding on that page.

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