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In the OA 7.4 specification a browse category for Schools, Departments, and Centers is needed. A non-tokenized solr field with facets is needed for this. I am unsure what metadata field(s) should be used. MDWG should be able to provide guidance.

I cannot continue this development until the field is available.



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See my comment of the other A-0Z list issue - the full, new schooldeptfacet_st field should work for this.


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I am not finding any records indexed with values in this field "schooldeptfacet_st". Please confirm, and if you can, provide a rutgers-lib to a record with this value.


I don't think there are any objects that have this - I've certainly never seen one. We may have to make one or two up for the test.


Let me know when some objects have this sample metadata. Perhaps the OA people or Rhonda need to be made aware of this as well.


Does the WMS even allow this yet?


I notice that in the current objects these are listed under mods:name @type="personal"/mods:affiliation. Do we want to grab these too now (at least for interface development and testing) or wait until the new forms are generated?


Currently, all authors' department and school affiliations (for Rutgers University) are recorded in mods:affiliation in the mods:name type="personal" element. That is changing. We will place each school and department name in mods:name type="corporate" element. The list of schools-departments-centers can be identified by use of the authority attribute. The specific authorities "RutgersOrg-School" and "RutgersOrg-Department" will identify the School or Department, respectively.
mods:name type="corporate" authority="RutgersOrg-School"
mods:name type="corporate" authority="RutgersOrg-Department"

Not all departments will have schools. An example of this is the Libraries' own department-like unit, Rsrch & Instruct Svc-Libraries


So should we start by doing a fixds on devel to convert the old affiliations to the new elements? or just rig up a few test objects from these collections?


Jane Otto will provide the authorized form of name for legacy objects in faculty collections. That will happen post-R7.4 (August 2014). For now, all you can do is create the solr index code based on what is going to be added (authority attribute) to the MODS schema in the WMS.


rutges-lib:23813 and 23812 seem to have this metadata:
mods:name type="corporate" authority="RutgersOrg-School"
mods:name type="corporate" authority="RutgersOrg-Department"

You can test with these two objects.


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Functioning as expected


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