Add middle name field in My Profile

Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Component:Account Application
Category:feature request

The FD has a Middle name field but My Profile does not. Please add. This may need further discussion because WMS uses this information to create the faculty collection. We may also need to check how this will be mapped in the name field in WMS.



Component:Account Application» Authentication Module
Assigned to:chadmills» yuyang


Middle name is mapped to first name in MODS: First name Middlename. The collection name will be "Last name, first name middlename". This can be implemented in My profile.


Component:Authentication Module» Account Application
Assigned to:yuyang» chadmills
Status:active» test

Added to the database and corresponding API's. Added to the user interfaces and web service.


Status:test» fixed

Middle name field is added in My Profile and it is mapped to Middle Name in the Deposit form.


Status:fixed» closed

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