Merge accounts sources needed for RUtgers access

Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Component:Authentication Module

There are two account sources used for RUtgers access, LDAP and Shibboleth. Merge those into one.



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Has anything been done to this task?


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The shib array is by default now overwritten by by merging with ldap values. If we get nothing back from ldap, as is currently the case for students, the initial shib values remain and are used.


How do we test this?


Well, I suppose you should only *see* one source for authentication listed. As staff, you should see LDAP values (which are some times different from the shib values - for instance, my email in LDAP is "TRIGGS@RUTGERS.EDU" but "" in Shibboleth). You should only be able to see ru_deptid or ru_campus values when they are derived from LDAP. If you have a student log in, however, you should see the initial Shib values.



This might help.

Login to My Account. Go into the Single Sign-On Management Tool. Under Accounts choose List Accounts. There should be two choices in the Filter By option. One for Local accounts and one for Rutgers Authentication system accounts. There used to be three options there.



Status:test» fixed

Thanks, Chad. There are two Filter By options. Both options work as expected.


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