My Account appearance (initial rollout)

Project:RUcore Account & Single Sign-on
Component:Account Application

(1) On the main RUcore page, change “Sign in” to “My Account” and make it a blue button. We would like to have the blue-button “My Account” display in the upper right corner throughout the entire RU Faculty Deposit application. Once the user has signed in to Deposit Your Work, the blue-button My Account should continue to display there.

(2) Once I have signed in, I go to a page that gives me options. On the left is a list of four items:
My Account [this is larger font, different font style; denotes the default selection]
My profile
When I choose one of them, it moves to the top of the list and the remaining options change position. We would rather see that the four options stay in their same position, but the font size and color and style can change, like this:
My Account
My Profile [capitalize “Profile”]
HELP [larger font, different color and style to indicate the current selection]

(3) On the My Account main page are two options so far: Manage Collections and Tools. “Manage Collections” is a confusing term. Perhaps it is because – so far – we have only one option there: Deposit Your Work. Please take out the heading, “Manage Collections” until there is more than one option under that heading. We anticipate that in the future we will also have the options to “View Statistics” and “Edit Collections”. But for now we will have:

Deposit Your Work[hyperlink]
Web based utility for Rutgers faculty to deposit their works into RUcore

RUanalytic Tool[hyperlink]
Web based tool for making video annotations



Assigned to:Anonymous» rmarker
Status:active» test

1) Completed, please test.

2) Completed, please test. For Community Accounts there is the option to "Change Password". This appears in the left side menu as well. I have also made the same changes to that option and page. Attached is a screenshot of a Community Account login. Please look it over.

3) Completed, please test.


Assigned to:rmarker» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

Done. Looks good!


Status:fixed» closed


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