Deselecting selected search result items leads to new search page

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

I searched for "maps New Jersey" in Images and got a large result of records. I chose 3 and clicked on the green Selected Items button, which sent me to a screen with just the selected items. When I hit the "Clear" button, I was not returned to the original search results, but to the page attached.



Assigned to:Anonymous» rmarker

Someone with the User Services group will have to tell me what the expected behavior is under this condition. I am assigning to Rhonda for feedback.


Assigned to:rmarker» chadmills

The expected behavior is that the user does not lose the original search results set. This can be saved (well, "kept") if the selected records open in a new tab or window. All the other behaviors related to the selected records, including suggesting a new search if the list is cleared, can remain the same. The user can return to the original window or tab to re-select a new set of records.


Status:active» test

Opens in a new window/tab now. Please test


Assigned to:chadmills» carlazim

Carla, Is this an acceptable solution?


Status:test» fixed

Yes, the results opened in another window -- very helpful, thanks!

But -- I was in IE 8.0.6 and could not clear the select boxes. I'll put this in another bug report.



Status:fixed» closed

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