Social media share options are missing

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The social media share options (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) are missing! Please bring them back.



There is a bug with the ShareThis service we use related to the SSL/HTTPS migration. I will update when I found out more.


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Status:active» test

Fixed. Moved external javascript references to a https address. Please test by visiting full record results and confirming links are available.


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Almost there!

All the options are back -- thank you. I was able to post to Facebook (don't worry, it was to "Only me") and send the link via my gmail account.

However, one piece does not seem to work. I want to email this to me using my Rutgers email account. These are the steps I took:

Choose the "envelope" icon (Email)
Choose the "envelope" icon [native email client] from "Send it via your email provider:"
Highlight the Zimbra choice from the list in the popup window and click on OK

Nothing happens.


Assigned to:chadmills» rmarker

There might a bug with Firefox when you set Zimbra as the default mail client. There are many reports of such issues over the years on the Zimbra and Firefox support sites.

Either way there is either an issue with the handoff between Firefox and Zimbra or the ShareThis service, Firefox and then Zimbra. Unfortunately it appears to be beyond me to figure this out. Let me know if you would like to to continue to invest time in resolving that issue.


Status:active» fixed

As reported, this seems to be a bug related to certain recent versions of Firefox and Zimbra and the ShareThis service. I encountered no such problems with other browsers, or with other email systems (e.g., Gmail). Since all the other social media share options work as expected, it's my recommendation that we close out this issue and open another, specific issue to test this one small aspect of ShareThis at a future date.


Status:fixed» closed

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