No drop down list for CV fields

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Controlled Vocabulary Module
Category:bug report

While working on record Zimmerman map test 2014 Feb 21 #1, I could not add any CV because there was no drop down for the specific fields, and when I selected the radio button, it said that I did not have permission. (I used to be able to -- not sure if I have permission any more?)




Assigned to:Anonymous» yuyang


Status:active» postponed

I have to ask for more details about this issue. 1) Which field doesn't have CV? 2) What radio button did you select, on what page? 3) Where did WMS say you don't have permission? 4) I may need you to login to help demonstrate the issue. -YY


The screen shot seems to indicate that in the Configuration module, under the controlled vocabularies tab, CZ is not authorized to make any edits. I tested this in test/development and could not replicate the problem. CZ has three different authorization levels for various collections. I recommend that we apply the same user role for all collections associated with her username and see if the problem persists.

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